Servant Event 2012

Servant Event 2012 was a transition year for our mission team since a few of the “long-timers” would be unable to return in 2013 due to school and work. Their wish was to build a home for a deserving family, and that is exactly what we did.


The team split into two groups, with team members alternating between the two groups. A small group traveled each day to Santisima Trinidad Church in Torres del Pri to lay ceramic tile in a building that doubled as Pastor Hernandez’ office and a music classroom. In addition, they purchased a “swamp cooler” for the building.


The larger group worked along the border of Juarez and Zaragosa to build the 12 x 24′ home for a family that had been on the waiting list for a home for over 8 years. They framed the 2-room house, wired it, installed windows and hung drywall throughout. All that remained to be completed by the family was to do the finish work on the ceiling, hang the door, and paint inside and out.


The week finished as it does each year with door-to-door evangelizing. This year’s destination was a very low-income housing project near the Santisima Trinidad church. Most of the people in the project were squatters who couldn’t afford to live anywhere else. Our team visited each building, passing out Bibles and children’s literature, and inviting them to church and an upcoming Bible School.